Therapist - Mental Health & Substance Use Receiving Center (Part-time or On-Call)

  • Job Tracking ID: 512604-848205
  • Job Location: Farmington, UT
  • Job Type: Part-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: March 07, 2023
  • Starting Date: ASAP
  • FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
  • Salary Range: Defined in job description.

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Job Description:

Davis Behavioral Health is seeking part time and/or on-call fully-Licensed therapists to work in the Davis County Receiving Center located in Farmington, Utah. The Davis County Receiving Center is a 23-72 hour alternative to inpatient hospitalization or incarceration that specializes in short-term crisis resolution. This facility provides observation, screening and social detoxification for police drop-offs, emergency department transfers and walk-in crisis services. The primary purpose of the Receiving Center is to provide a short length of stay and a focus on stabilizing the crisis and returning a person to community supports.

The successful candidate will provide risk assessments, evaluations, safety plans, treatment plans and recommendations for treatment.

The successful candidate will have experience working in a crisis setting, be able to complete risk assessments, safety plans and evaluations within a brief period of time and make clinical recommendations for continued care. The successful candidate will have experience and knowledge of completing and executing a pink sheet. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with an interdisciplinary treatment team to include psychiatrists, nurses, recovery support specialists, psych techs and case managers.


Coverage needs for the part-time/on-call clinicians are outlined below:


  • Graveyard (11 pm Friday - 7 am Saturday)


  • 9 am - 9 pm (every other week)
  • Graveyard (11 pm Saturday - 7 am Sunday)


  • 9 am - 9 pm (every other week)


If the successful candidate is hired as a regular, part-time employee, they will be expected to be at the Receiving Center for the entire 8-hour or 12-hour shift.


If the successful candidate is hired in an on-call capacity, it is expected that they are available to respond to calls through the entire assigned shift. When they are called in, it is required that they arrive at the Receiving Center within 30 minutes.


This position is classified as part-time, non-exempt.

Compensation for this position will depend on the manner in which the successful candidate is hired (part-time versus on-call).


Fully-licensed clinicians are compensated at an hourly rate of $30.29 + credit for years of full-licensure experience as defined below

  • $33.65 to $40.89 per hour is the approved range
  • 1% per year for each year of full-licensure between 0 and 10 years 
  • 1% per year for every three years of full-licensure after 10 years

Weekend Shift Differential Stipend

The successful candidate will also receive a $5.00 per hour weekend clinician stipend for all hours worked on Saturday and Sunday.


If the successful candidate is hired in an on-call manner, they will be compensated based on the current crisis, on-call earnings table outlined below:

  • On-call
    • $25.00 per shift (weekdays)
    • $30.00 per shift (weekend/holiday/graveyard)
  • Phone Calls
    • $10.00 per phone call
  • Face-to-face
    • $75.00 per assessment

Davis Behavioral Health, Inc.

Davis Behavioral Health's mission is to provide comprehensive, quality behavioral health services to individuals, families and our community through: Effective Clinical Practice with Evidence-based Outcomes provided in a Fiscally Responsible manner to ensure Client/Family, Community and Staff Satisfaction.

DBH is committed to excellence in community-based behavioral health treatment, progressive, vital and continually responsive to the needs of the community, and advocates for the behavioral health needs of our clients.

It is highly preferred that individuals who are interested in obtaining employment at DBH, their spouse, or one of their dependents not be actively receiving services at DBH except for medication management services to eliminate/avoid possible conflicts or uncomfortable boundaries.

Davis Behavioral Health understands that excellent clinicians are vital to meeting the standards established by its mission and vision statements.

Davis Behavioral Health is an equal opportunity employer.

Experience and Skills:

Master of Social Work degree from an accredited university. Must be licensed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) in Utah.

Davis Behavioral Health utilizes an electronic medical record, which requires proficiency in computer-related skills.

DBH utilizes an electronic medical health records system, so computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Office products is required. Required clinical documentation must be completed within established timeframes: Preference for concurrent documentation. End of work day is acceptable if daily appointments do not allow for concurrent documentation. Documentation should be completed no later than 24 hours after an appointment is held in the worst case scenario.

The selected candidate must successfully pass a pre-employment criminal background check and drug screening. DBH will not hire individuals currently using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol; therefore, making employment at DBH conditional upon successfully passing  pre-employment drug screening by providing a valid sample. Candidates who are offered employment are required to report for a drug screen at an Intermountain WorkMed location within 24 hours of being requested to do so by the DBH Human Resources Department.

Davis Behavioral Health works with Federal grants and must comply with the Federal drug laws, including no use of medical marijuana.